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  • Quanzhou: The Starting Point of the Maritime Silk Road

    2020-3-27  Quanzhou is today a small port city. But 1.000 years ago, with their old name, Citong, was known as the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road in China. Quanzhou is a small port city in Fujian Province on the coast of the East China Sea.

  • Cultural Diversity Leads to a Shared Future for the

    Civilization was formed through interaction, and without interaction, there would be no civilization. This tells us that civilization, at the moment of its birth, was surely the outcome of clashes between different ideas and states of living, and that diversity is a necessary precondition for the birth of civilization.


    2019-12-2  China is the only civilization in human history which developed over a period of at least 2,500 years in the same geographical area and to this day still thrives there and, as